Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I'm going to a birthday party...

...and I'm getting everything ready, including myself.

Glenda loves Frank Sinatra! She gave me a sheet of these stamps last year, and I remembered to save one to make her a card. Gives me some other ideas for new cards I wanna create!

Hopefully she'll love this ACEO I painted...I know she likes these colors. (I got a little obsessive making these little tree paintings, and I've listed quite a few in my Etsy shop, CynART.)

I also got her this useful and adorable porcelain brushholder from Sumiko on Etsy. (Check out her shop!) I got one for myself too and I've been using it and loving it! Glenda will too.

Now, what to wear? Gray pants and a white shirt? What do you think, kitties? Grisgris, I know you favor gray.

It feels so springy today, and I think I need a little punch of color. My mom, great quilter that she was, made this jacket years ago. I love it!

This restaurant doesn't look like much from the outside but the atmosphere inside is great, and so is the food! I think I'll start with a Bellini! Happy Birthday, Glenda!