Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally finished this one!

This is a watercolor I finished last week. I framed it and shipped it and it's out of my possession in transit somewhere. This was a wedding gift for my nephew Charlie and his bride Janae. Only problem is they are going on their second anniversary! There's no timeline on gifts, right? I think Ms. Manners would say that one has a year to present a gift, but as far as I know, Ms. Manners never had to paint a gift! And I didn't have to either, and in spite of my tardiness, it is a gift I wanted to give. Other stuff kept coming up and bumping this to the back of the line.

Portraits, or figures, is not something I really like to paint. It's a little painstaking for me...feels too labored trying to get a likeness, and most of the time a likeness is what's most important to the people who are pictured. But it is kind of fun doing paintings of people in my extended family. I think I came pretty close on this, and I hope they like it. One unique note -- they were married on the same day (two years later) as Martin and me. Best wishes, Charlie and Janae!

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paula said...

having seen it in person, i can attest to its greatness :) they will love it!