Monday, March 15, 2010

"Go Green" Art Show

This past Saturday night was the opening of a three-person show at the Linda Watson Gallery in Conroe, TX. The invitation, featuring my watercolor "Fragile Planet", is shown at left. Of course it's too small to see much detail but you could always go to my etsy page for better viewing!

The show featured the works of Paula McCullough, Jo Farmer, and myself. All of our works fit the "go green" theme, although in different ways. Paula works mostly with found objects and materials, thus repurposing and keeping metal and plastic (and puzzle pieces!) out of the landfill. She has a series of 100 clocks made with railroad tie plates (they hold the rail to the tie) and assorted other cool found stuff. She also had some fairly large mixed media pieces, several combined with her photographs. To see her work, including the pieces in this show, click on her name to check out her great website!

Jo Farmer is a painter who combines other materials to create some interesting mixed media pieces. She had several black and white paintings, two of which were landscapes with trees, and she had collaged on twigs she collected after Hurricane Ike which really gave the pieces dimension, not to mention a conversational starting point! She had a colorful group of paintings as well, some of which featured flowers she had fashioned out of colorful used saris and then attached to painted canvas or wood. They were bright and beautiful and certainly a creative repurposing of discarded clothing!

My own work was watercolors featuring mostly trees, which fit the theme by celebrating our native landscapes, as well as by the extensive use of the color green. My "Fragile Planet" piece (prints available! ;-D) is more directly related to the state of our planet, and is meant as a plea to value nature enough to purposefully take steps to preserve it. This piece has been used to advertise the upcoming Earth Day 2010 celebration in The Woodlands, Texas, and will be featured on tee shirts to be worn by volunteers, as well as sold to the public.

Although Paula, Jo and I were the featured artists for the show, there were other pieces in the show; paintings and three-dimensional art as well, most notably the turned wood pieces by the master of the lathe, Lonnie Gannon. This artist uses all types of wood to make his incredible creations, some of which feature inlaid turquoise and other materials. They are stunning!

It was a wonderful evening with a great turnout! Gallery owners Joe and Jean Fleshner provided wine, green punch, and a variety of green food for a fun and festive refreshment table, as well as serving as the consummate host and hostess. If you saw a work of art that you just can't get out of your mind, go back over to the Linda Watson Gallery and let Joe or Jean help you make it your own!

It was a great night to visit with old friends, such as celebrity Dan Phillips of The Phoenix Commotion, and the irrepressible Dru Southworth, sister of wood-turner Lonnie Gannon. You all missed a fun time!


Susie Flatau said...

Yea...I'm so glad you posted the art show opening. Earlier, when I tried to access it, there was a message saying it had not been posted (did you get my e-mail about that?)...

The gallery looks like a really nice space! And - you look fabulous! I couldn't see any grey hair at all.

It appears that you are blossoming in work and creativity and life! huggers - S

Cynthia said...

I did get your e mail about that, and I've been struggling with this blog for hours!!! I still don't know how to do simple things, and the layout is giving me fits! When I try to fix stuff it won't cooperate! (It doesn't save my changes, although it appears to be doing so.) I may have to try again later when I'm not so frustrated!!!

You have to be taller than me (at this point) to see gray hair, and I allow no aerial photos! ;-D

Thanks for reading, and I'm enjoying your blog! XXX C

paula said...

good link is messed up though. its (you have it listed as
GREAT night thanks to YOU :)

Anonymous said...

i truthfully love all your writing kind, very useful.
don't give up as well as keep creating in all honesty , because it just truly worth to follow it,
impatient to look over a whole lot more of your own articles, thankx!

Cynthia said...

Thank you anonymous! I plan to persevere as I learn the aspects of blogging. It's great to know readers are out there -- thanks for your encouragement!

Paula, it's fixed now! I wanted to blame it on my computer but it was human error! ;-D

Anonymous said...
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