Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Arbor Gate

OK, I'm finally on installment three of the belated birthday marathon day. After the art show and lunch, we drove out to Tomball to The Arbor Gate. If you haven't been there, it's time you went! We got there ridiculously late in the day and it was HOT! Next time it will be a morning trip. By the way, click on the link because they have a great website with a list of their classes, a blog, links, and a gallery of photos that might even be better than mine!

The main reason to go to The Arbor Gate is for the plants. That's not the only reason to go, but I'll get to that in a minute. Plants are the big draw and they have thousands of them! Everything is well-cared for and beautifully arranged. They specialize in roses, perennials, herbs, and native plants, but really do have a lot of everything.

Here is the herb area. They have more types of each herb than you have ever heard of. Whoops...ended with a preposition! Of which you have never heard? I'm afraid I don't really talk that way.
On the right are their shade houses, which is where I do most of my shopping. This is not like going to a big box store where they have plants shipped from all over the country, and you get them home and plant them and in a couple of weeks they're dead. And you think it's your fault -- that you have a brown thumb. Nope; they just sold you some plants that don't do well here. That will not happen at The Arbor Gate.
Dru also has a lot of shade at her house and found a big selection of plants that will work beautifully for her. Here's another great thing about The Arbor Gate -- the people who work there know their plants! And, they are happy to assist you in finding just what you need. I bet by now you think I am a stockholder or something. I'm not -- I just really like the place!

Now I mentioned that plants are not the only reason to go The Arbor Gate. They have lots of other cool stuff. Let's start with the fact that there are TWO gift stores on the property. One is more practical and outdoorsy, and the other has more decorative items for inside your house. You'll find something for a gift, maybe for yourself, at either one. Outside with the plants they also have lots of yard art, such as these great flamingos on the left. You can also find what you need for a beautiful serene water feature in your yard; arbors and trellises and anything you might need to coax a plant to do something it might not normally do on its own.; and then let's talk about the pots.
Oh my, you can find them in any color! Here is a grouping in one of my favorite colors.

And oh my goodness, did you see these over here? Wouldn't one of those look great on my porch?
If you plan to buy one of those super big pots, you better have a super big bank balance!

We had a great time at The Arbor Gate and plan to return soon. Now will someone come over and help me plant all these plants???


paula said...

tomball huh...not heard of that place yet. looks like you had fun and i like how open and countryish it looks.
hope you bought plants that can fiend for themselves this summer ;)

Cynthia said...

Tomball is cute; lots of antique shops! My plants will be able to fend for themselves as soon as I get them in the ground! Actually I have planted most of what I bought that day, but I do have lots of others in the queue!

Susie Flatau said...

Cynthia...I have not been online for a bit (the weather is finally nice enough to stay from near dawn to dusk outside...yard work! yard work!) was a pure treat to slowly browse your latest postings...what fun you and the YaYas have...what fun. Loved the Arbor Gate (don't have anything that even comes close to it up here!) Keep blogging...your words and pics are fabulous. miss you

Cynthia said...

Susie, well I know you -- slavedriver of yourself! I know your yard must look fabulous!!! I can't really say the same -- my attentions are too divideed! But it's a gorgeous day today (getting hot though!) and I have 15 bags of native mulch in the back of my car, so I think I know where this day is headed! Thanks for the kind words about the blog! XXX