Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hope Farms

On the last Saturday in May (yes, I'm a little behind!) Charlene and I went out to shop at Hope Farms. Hope Farms is owned by Master Gardener Barbara Lopez, and she's open to the public every weekend in May. She has lots and lots of plants for sale, but probably the best part -- and something you don't get at just any nursery -- is you can see the plants established in her beautiful gardens, and get a very good idea of how they'd do in your own yard.

We were welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Potman out doing their daily chores. Rumor has it that Barbara doesn't pay them very well even though they're on the job 24/7!

Of course Barbara's there to answer questions and she's VERY knowledgeable! Here she is in the center with two very able helpers, Lucy and Aileen. Check out the adorable aprons made by Lucy's mom! She needs to be on Etsy, right?

At Hope Farms you'll find lots of perennials, gingers, fruit and citrus, but one reason to go is to see her day lilies. Barbara is a true day lily afficianado and she has beds full of them!

Each has a plant stake with its name so if you see one you love, you know what it's called.

Fruit and citrus trees are sold at Hope Frams, and here's living proof that apples can be grown successfully in Montgomery County, Texas! This apple is called "Anna."

And here's one being trained on an espalier.

Charlene was happy with her purchases, and so was I! Among many other things, I finally got an almond verbena which is doing beautifully. I can't wait for mine to bloom as the scent is quite heavenly!

It wasn't very helpful of me to tell you about Hope Farms after the May event is over, but I promise next year to let you know ahead of time! If you live in the area, you will want to go! See you there next May!


paula said...

hey! you got a new blog look already and i LOVE IT! good job woman.... REALLY!!!!!

Samara said...

Gorgeous photos. Makes me happy to live here.

Cynthia said...

Thanks Paula! It was fun to do and I guess actually easy if I wa able to do it!

Thanks Samara! I'm actually in the market for a new camera, or will be soon. I think mine is terminally ill! But it's still taking pictures!